Exam difficulty

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What are your scores on the mocks? If you’re at 70 or above, you’re in good shape.

I’d say you’re in good shape but I suggest that you start doing timed mocks to see how do in exam situation.

Currently I’m doing one mock exam, but Im answering topic by topic questions as I go through the review of the topics. Score above 70%. Once done reviewing by end of May, I’ll do another 4 mock exams

I also have the same Question… I’m scoring above 75-80% in all of the questions (CFAI EOC, Kaplan EOC, CFAI online practice question). I gave a mock from Schweser and score 76 and 82 in 2 sessions… I’m feeling underconfident coz I thought it is a bad score. What score is considered a good score to pass??

If you’re at 70 or above, you’re in good shape.

I can tell you, if you hit the 80s, you’ll be scoring top 90%ile of the takers. If you score 70s, you’ll be alrite and likely pass 9 out of 10 tries. if you’re in the 60s, you’re probably 7 out of 10 tries.

You are talking about 60,70,80% or score out of 120??

Thank you indeed !