Exam difficulty

Sorry if not allowed to ask in L2 forum about L1, but I need an advice from candidates who actually passed L1 exam. With respect to the classification of kaplan online Qbank question, ( Basic, Intermediate, Advanced ), what approx. % of the actual CFA Level 1 exam questions would you classify within each category?? Thanks!

For level 1, qbank isn’t bad but I would gauge my performance with Kaplan’s mock exams (and CFAI mocks), which are pretty strong for L1. I didn’t even know CFAI had a qbank or mocks util the last week. I didnt do any of the bluebox or eoc on CFA text either. … so my studies was all kaplan.

To answer your question… I would guess:

Basic: 10-15%

Intermediate 60-70%

Advance: 15-30%