exam dress code ?

okay this might sound silly, but I want to show up to the exam in basketball shorts and T shirt and flip flops. Its just how I am comfortable taking the test, thats how I studied, thats how I took the mocks.

Do you think they can tell me you cant enter the test room cause your wearing flip flops ?

Hey, there are rules apply for CFA exam…

Such as, skirt has to cover knees, …

what did u wear to level 1 & 2???


lol same, with shoes, I am a oridinaly a camel ridding but not goat **** arab. Shoes anoy me.

Wear whatever makes you most comfortable. I did shorts, sandals, and t-shirt last year and froze my @** off because they had the AC set so high. this year bringing a light jacket, jeans and sandals

wear a full costume faerie outfit, pink wings and all

watching what other people wear to this test is one of my favorite parts of the exam! some of the get-ups are hilarious.

I say we institute a new tradition and make this thing a costume party! (not that it already isn’t one.)

donning my standard issue CFA exam beard. i feel like chuck norris once again

i am wearing my high heels off course.

And earplugs - thats the real secret weapon, the London testing centre is right under a low flight path…

didn’t they put the 3-piece suit (tie optional) dress code into effect this year?