Exam Eligibility

I realize my question has been asked and answered but I am still unsure if my situation applies. I am just looking for more clarification. My Situation: I will complete a BS Accounting after 3 years and a MS Finance after a 4th. I am looking into sitting for the CFA exams. My plan right now is to do as follows: December of 3rd year: Level I June of 3rd year: Level II June of 4th year: Level III Will I be able to follow that track or will I need to wait more time before I take the exams?

I can’t recall exactly but I think you are not allowed to take L1 until you are in the calendar year you will receive your undergrad degree. I am pretty certain you cannot take L2 until you have your degree. I don’t know if you can even register for L2 until you have your degree. Check the FAQ on the CFAI’s website.

IMO anyone who comes here to ask these questions instead of contacting the cfa institute is not the least bit serious about any of it

I had a similar idea. I was going to take L1 in Dec '08 (fall semester of my senior year), L2 in Jun '09, and L3 in Jun '10. While CFAi is letting me sit for L1 this Dec., they said that I need to have diploma in-hand before I can register for L2. The “final year” provision is “in the final year, as determined by your school” basically, so as long as you have Senior status from your school, you should be fine to take L1 on the schedule you proposed. If you wanted to, you could even take L1 in June of your 2nd year, if you’d have “Senior” status based on credit hours. However, unless you’re graduating before the registration deadline for L2 (mid-March?), you won’t be eligible to register, so you’ll have to wait until June of your 4th year to take L2.