exam format

Are questions in the exam are categorized by study sessions? For example different sections for quantitative & economics etc.

I’d like to think so, in CFAI’s own sample exam questions are bucketed into their general category…Ethics, Quant, Econ, FSA & Asset management. Within each section, questions can float around. So there could be a question about leases followed by CFO, followed by capitalized interest etc.

that is correct. Questions are ordered by sections Ethics Quantitative Methods Economics FSA (incl. Corp Fin) Asset Valuation (FI, Equity, Alt Investments) Portfolio Management however, only thing to watch out for, is to make sure you mark the answer on the paper right – esp. if you are answering questions out of order. If you are given to moving in a random order, moving to a section you are more comfortable with, and the fact that no other marks must be made on the answer sheet, mapping the question to mark the right answer is a needed skill. This is just from personal experience in the L1 in June 2007. CP