Exam format

Anybody here knows exactly it is on the exam. All multiple choice vignette or open ended questions would also be there? Since, CFAI books have some practice questions other than multiple choice. Thanks in advance.

Pretty sure everything you need to know is on the CFA website. Disclaimer: I’m too lazy to verify that. Good luck.

It will all be vignettes with several multiple choice questions. The books have some essay-type questions, but that’s to keep you on your toes! Don’t be fooled. You will have a minimum 25% chance to answer correctly…:slight_smile: C.

Level 2 conatins 60 “item sets”. Each IS contains about a page or two of data followed by 6 MC questions. They’re significantly harder than the L! questions both because the material is at a higher level and because each vignette has far more information than is needed for any one individual question. So, being able to pick out information quickly becomes far more important tha at L!.