Exam Format

Hi guys,

I’m running through the uppermark QBank, creating practice exams with exam like weighting.

All Questions are in topic order - so starting with a lot of ethics questions.

How is it in the real exam? Are the questions ordered by topic or totally random?

Cheers, Chris

the actual exam is ordered by topic… my experience from march is that every question on the real exam was more difficult than anything on the qbank… the ethics section was more difficult than CFA level 1 ethics IMO.

with that said… if you go through the qbank multiple times and “memorize” all 1200 or so questions you should pass… its not the same thing … but it will help you connect the dots.

i suggest you create practice exams with 100 questions -per topic…

Agreed. Level 1 is very passable, just do some practice questions and make sure you know all the “bolded” terms in the text. If you have gone far enough to use Uppermark I am sure you will have no trouble with the exam! Best of luck.