Exam grading criteria ...

Anyone who know how the exam will be graded ?

I don’t know as it was my first time taking the exam. i hope it’s curved because from what I have been reading on other threads, it seems everyone thought the 2nd half session was brutal. I myself had to guess on several questions after narrowing down to two choices. I was getting 69% and 72% on my CFAI mock exams, and felt good after the morning session, but after finishing the afternoon session, I feel like I may have to sign up for december. Does anyone know if the exam is curved, or is it a strict 70% to pass?

I honestly thought the afternoon section was easier than the morning except for the Ethics section. I thought the morning ethics section was a joke in all honesty.

Yea the general feeling is that morning was way easy and the afternoon was a pain in the ass. From what I’ve been told, you have to get within 30% of the top score. So I supposed a 70% would get within the 30% range of a perfect score, guaranteeing you a pass. I think…

I personally agree with eric23 - I found the morning session tougher than the afternoon! Ethics were indeed harder for me in the afternoon, but I did well on Equity+FI analysis.

I also thought the afternoon was easier than the morning (with the exception of Ethics). I felt less stressed and I didn’t run out of time. Anyways… we’ll just have to wait and see at this point.

i thought it was 70% of the top 1%.

the 70% of 1% I think was in the past; if you search off the CFA website, I believe they mentioned that they take a panel of reviewers to determine the difficulty of the exam, then based on their decisions (as a whole) will develop a threshold point of passing. So don’t be surprise if that threshold is above 70% (even though I don’t really expect this) for a “simplier” exam.

anyone else think the exam was seemingly simpler because the CFA forced people to buy the curriculum this year? higher passing rates by ~forcing~ people to use their materials would look good, no?