Exam grading question

Hello, I’ve had a bit of a frolic on the CFAI website but cannot find an answer I am looking for. Wondering if any of my fellow candidates can assist. Hypothetically, if I get a 0% in ethics, yet I get 100% in everything else (which let’s say gives me an 80% overall score for the 6 hours) does that pass if the minimum passing grade is 70%? Or are there minimum requirements for each topic area (ie we need at least 70% in ethics) ? Cheers

Yeah if you get 0% in ethics and 100% in everything else you still will pass. The ‘ethics adjustment’ works only in these borderline situations Your aggregate mark: 69% - if you passed ethics you 1% will be added to your mark so you reach the MPS. Your aggregate mark: 70% - if you fail ethics you will be deduced 1% so you dont reach the MPS and fail. Hope this helps

+1 He’s correct to the best of my knowledge

Fantastic, answered my question precisely. Thanks