Exam in December- Very worried

I need an advice please.

I’m scheduled to write the exam in December but I’m very worried.

I have covered the Schweser notes for all the session but it seems everything I read keep evaporating.

Immediately after reading each session I take the Schweser study quiz and I score 60-100% but give me one week, everything is gone. I dedicated lots of time and had to give up something for this exam but at this rate of evaporation I fear for the exam.

Note: I have an engineering background and honestly need this CFA.

Please I need an advice on how to go about this few weeks.

You need to do practice questions one after another.

I suggest you to stop reading the notes and solve Q-Bank Questions/Mock Exams. If you then have a doubt on a Q-Bank question study the proposed solution, and only if you don’t understand the answer revert to the notes.

Especially Level I is not so much about reading the notes or curriculum but just about training practice questions and remembering formulas. Regards, Oscar

The strategy I would follow would be to take a full mock each day of the weekend and then during the week just drill a qbank. I would only re-read at this point if you really have the time for it or if you feel it’ll give you a confidence boost that will make a difference come exam day. It’s totally normal to feel worried though…I almost threw up before I took Level 1 but couldn’t find a garbage can

Thank you, I will adopt this approach

Thank you

needed this. I relate to the post as around 60 days I went back to quant and couldnt remember basics while doing questions.

@julietlauren Since then I have grinded hundreds of questions and written every answer. Once you do them enough there are certain triggers that go off that immediately and you’ll know what formula to use/might be able to do it in your head (saves time just not using the calculator). I have ADD and this method is the difference maker for me, it was in college and I finished with a 3.7 GPA but for some reason decided that I should read it all to “learn it”; needless to say I found out the hard way I can’t learn from reading alone. If I don’t pass in Dec I know what will work for me in june. Get a fidgetland and use it while you read or watch Meldrum - more muscle working = easier shortterm to long term conversion… spot to forward. haha

Good luck