Exam - Mark answer sheet at once or in the booklet?

For the people who have taken the exam previously, what strategy in terms of answering do you suggest. Marking the right answer in the booklet or straight at the answer sheet?

I guess we can use pencils. In case we answer e.g. A, and during review discover that B is correct. Is it simply enough to erase A and fill in B or is the machine that scans the answers really sensitive in this regards?

Strongly recommend marking the answers directly in the answer sheet (fill in the bubbles).

You will not get any extra time at the end for inputting your answers. If you run into time trouble at the end, you could have problems filling in all the bubbles.

You can always change the answers in the booklet, just make sure that you erase the previously marked response properly.

You can also also first mark the answer in the booklet and then immediately input the answer in the bubble sheet. When you are done with the exam, it would be easier to review and ensure that you have filled in the correct response (ex. if you have chosen ‘C’ for Q.34 on the booklet but you have marked ‘B’ on the answer sheet, something is wrong).

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Answer directly on the answer sheet. You don’t want to be hurriedly filling in the bubbles at the end. Just double check he bubbles at the end to make sure you didn’t get off by a line or something ike that.

Ok. Yes I will do in the bubble sheet. Just wanted to know whether if would be easy to erase. I guess since we can use a pencil it should not be a problem.