Exam Melt Downs

So here I am. Quite frankly I have worked my ass off for the exam. I have all the Shweser mocks done and hit well over 70 in all of them. I am reviewing and feel like I have literally forgotten it all. Past candidates, do you think the Shweser is fair in overall terms to what an exam is like? I remember from L1 its a lot more difficult than the exam

If you’re averaging over 70 on the mocks, you’re likely fine and just need to disconnect from studying for a day or two. Chill out!

If I may ask. How are you getting on on Shweser?

I’ve done half of the volume 1 set already, my Mock 1 AM/PM scores and Mock 2 AM score are: 85%, 86.67%, and 90%, respectively. Doing Mock 2 PM session tonight; also doing Wiley mocks.

If you feel like forgetting everything just skim through the book, it will refresh and remind you concept

Also try to remember the Readings by SS

and then roughly what is in the readings

Amazing score Black8

Can you also tell us how you scored on the TT?

I’ve taken 46 of the topic tests so far and have averaged 81.88%.

If you are scoring above 70 you will be fine. Schweser was a little difficult compared to the exam but was good for practice. Just quickly review your notes if you think you are forgetting stuff.

Wow you are well prepared !

Again I really think anything above 70% is well prepared.

Thanks for the input all :slight_smile:

Mamba- What are a few concepts you’d like to better understand? E.g. valuing a receive and pay fixed currency swap?

I’d say I’d love to better internalize Econ’s R14: Economic Growth and the Investment Decision and the time series reading in quant. I’m comfortable with the material, but don’t feel like I’ve aced it in my mind just yet.

not sure you serious or troll, since you are recording your score i assume you are doing the mocks in exam conditions. I dont understand how you can score 70% in mocks while “forgetting all of the things”? There were also a post a few weeks ago where a bunch of people talked about doing schweser mocks in exam condition and average 75% plus, complained that they are too easy and decided not to do volume 2 since it is a waste of time.