Exam not graded due to exam violation

Hi, I gave my FRM Part 1 exam in Nov 2018. The exam was okay and nothing untoward happened. Upon trying to check my result in the GARP I was absolutely surprised to see that my exam was not graded due to exam violation. No reason or explanation was given for the same. I have sent them a mail and all I can do is wait. I cannot think of a single incident which could have led to such a harsh punishment, or even a lighter one for that matter. Can this be a technical mistake? Is there a precedent to such a situation? Does it happen often? Is there anyway this decision can be reversed? I am absolutely panicking right now as I had given my heart and soul towards the preparation for this exam. Can someone please help me.

Did you receive any update from them?

Update on this?

Since there is no updates can we assume that the treatment were justified?


First of all I am sorry for not having reverted, I didn’t receive a reply on this thread for sometime, so I assumed it was dead.

Anyway, happy to inform you guys that I did eventually pass the exam. The following is the timeline of events for those of you who are interested.

The results came in on the 3rd of January, where I found out that the exam was not graded. I sent multiple mails to the institute over the next 7-10 days without any acknowledgement of the same from them. I got hold of their phone number and called them up, they said that they had sent me an email to me in the 1st week of December regarding the above and my last date of reply to the said mail was the 26th of December. I had previously checked my account multiple times to see if there was any communication from their side post the exam, and there was none. The customer service attendent suspected that the email might have been routed to my spam folder and subsequently been auto-deleted. I requested them to resend the mail, to which they agreed.

The mail stated that they used some mechanism to review the exam results. One method is to compare a candidate’s answers based on the test center and seating arrangement of the candidate with the answers of other candidates. They lookout for certain patterns in the answers of two candidates and if sufficient cause exists, then they reach out to the candidate for further information. This was the email that I missed out on in December. I was allowed to reply to this mail in January which they reviewed and decided to grade my paper. After a couple of days of going back and forth on email, I received my result which said I passed.

What made it worse was that I lost my mother to cancer on the 27th of December, and this happened a week later. My final result came out in mid January, I was all worn out by then and couldn’t care less. I’ll put it behind me as just a bad phase in my life. Also, I am planning on giving the FRM L2 this November, so I guess it worked out after all.


If you can help me with the reply you gave to garp regarding exam not graded…