Exam Percentile

Embarrassed for asking this but does this mean I scored in the 90th percentile? I’m not used to this scoring methodology since it’s been a while since level 1

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You found an alternative way of bragging… even wrote that you are embarrassed. Nice one!

It was a serious question - I honestly didn’t know!


but since top 44% passed, 10/44 = 23% chance for you to be top 10% given you pass

that is, P(top 10% given passed) = 23%

Those aren’t two independent events…

that are not, hence P(top 10% and passed) =/= P(top 10%)* P(passed) = 10%*44% = 4.4% but 10%

therefore P(top 10% given passed) = P(top 10% and passed)/ P(passed) = 10%/44% = 23%

my point being, sitting on or above 90% line is not too bragworthy anyway, after all, its almost 1/4 of the people who passed.

I could care less what percentile I got … just care I passed :slight_smile:

However, thank you for confirming!

but yea! congrats on passing! if you are curious enough, you can even use paint to count the pixels to kinda work out your actual scores!

Does anyone keep the exam score report for record keeping purposes such as an employer asking for it?

Coming from a guy who’s been at the 90% mark, I laugh at people claiming their 90% passing rate and find it funny that if CFAI claims that anyone who passes is worthy of the charter(and superior returns obviously) why do they insist on keeping it there?

There really is not much difference between the candidate having 90% vs someone who barely passed…most candidates score around the MPS mark anyway with few outliers setting the 90% mark. In reality, given the number of questions in 120, is someone scoring 82/120 vs someone scoring 95/120 going to guarantee superior returns?? I don’t think so. (assuming 80% is the 90th percentile mark). What if the guy who received 82/120 bombed ethics and lets say alternative investments(real estate and commodities) and couldn’t figure out swaps to save his life… i dont think that will cause too much of a difference for their returns in the real world if you’re in straight buy-side(unless you act unethically :p) Now let’s further take into account that the guy who scored higher may just have been a better guesser, which in reality will probably help you out more in the real world as you gamble on the market so maybe its worth something to be in the 90% rank? lol

ericks0n dude, u should understand that some of us are jobless graduates, interns or work in shitty jobs. Bragging is the only way to forget how pity is our current career path.