Exam postonement - study strategy

Hello everyone,

My study program for all levels was to study thoroughly the material once with qbanks, then revise the material with qbanks, and then start tests.

For Level III while I was finishing the 1st phase - studying thoroughly the material - the cancellation arrived because of covid, with this happening twice, the 2nd just yesterday. I am really fed up with this whole CFA thing and I am considering abandoning forever. But until now trying one last time for May prevails in my mind.

In case I go for the May exam, what study schedule would you advise? Repeat the routine starting in January, continue now relaxed until May, go directly to revision phase in around end of February?

Thank you.

Kind regards,

My condolences… I feel like I’ve dodged my second bullet, Edinburgh test centre with the only two other UK test sites being cancelled.

I really do feel for you, second time cancellation is brutal and I think I’d be tempted to abandon it all for a while if the May exam wasn’t testing the same 2020 materials.

In your shoes I’d cry in the shower, take a few months off then when it comes back to the grind, I’d go straight to past CFA exam papers and CFA Qbank. Read what you don’t get but I think re-reading just isn’t worth the time it takes.

Have a good few months off studying, focus on something completely different.

All the best,

Thank you for the advice, I think I will follow it.