Exam postponed globally

We cannot overstate the profound effects that coronavirus is having on our families, our communities, our businesses, the financial markets, and the global economy. As the pandemic continues to intensify, with no certainty of when it will abate, CFA Institute has made the unprecedented decision to postpone the June 2020 CFA Exam administration globally.

Your registration will be transferred to one of the next two exam administrations. We are working with our partners around the globe to define exactly when those next two administrations will occur; however, we anticipate offering every level in December 2020. As soon as dates are confirmed, we will contact you via email with more information and allow you to select your preferred date. You can expect to receive further communication no later than 8 May.

Thank you for your patience as we work to serve the hundreds of thousands of candidates around the world. This postponement is of an unprecedented scale, and we are working to ensure that rescheduling will be a smooth process.

We know how much time and preparation you have invested in the program, and we want to provide you with the opportunity to sit for the exam as soon as possible. So, while we do not know what the immediate future holds, know that the resilience and strength of purpose you have already shown will serve you well in the weeks and months ahead.

We invite you to visit our website to stay connected; you may also contact us at info@cfainstitute.org.

Best wishes to you and your families.


Marg Franklin, CFA
President and CEO, CFA Institute

Does this also mean that they can revise the curriculum and add/delete stuff ?

No - you think they actually have time to do that? Its postponed, same test for 2020.

They talk about 2 other dates, so you can postpone your exam between 6 months and a year? They anticipate being nearest date being december so we got 180 more days to prepare.

It would be likely the CFAI increases the difficulty of the exam to keep pass rates as historically have ocurred?

Horrible timing for me. If everything is goes right I’ll have a daughter this summer. Great thing. Not so good regarding the exam. This virus is affecting people in so unsuspected ways…

From the website anouncement:

“Although we do not have a precise date, we can guarantee that candidates will have an opportunity to take the exam before the end of the year, and we appreciate everyone’s patience in the meantime.”

Perhaps a late summer or fall administration of the exams?

Per CFA Institute:
Q: What will be the earliest possible date for the exams?

A: December 2020.

Reference: https://www.cfainstitute.org/en/about/press-room/cfa-institute-coronavirus

They will not add or delete any content. The only thing that is changing is the date. One way to approach this is just to put studying on a low burn – fewer number of hours per week but stay disciplined to doing those hours. That way you take control of your process because waiting to know the date feels out of control.

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