Exam preparations


We have just over 4 weeks left and so far I have managed to go through almost all (not everything yet) of the material once.

I feel I am lagging way behind. Do you guys think I can beat the test or its sayonara this time and goodluck 2015?

Why don’t you just work hard and try ? If you keep notes, it is not time wasted for next year ?

ofcourse.,the goal is to knock it off this year. I am going to be working from home for the next 1month…so hopefully can put in another 150 hours.

I would blast away with Q banks all day… When i mean all day, start at 6am, go to work by 8, and try to squeeze in an hour before lunch, then spend entire lunch break doing more, then another break in the afternoon… Then continue at night… Just keep practicing. If you have a girlfriend, dump her for a month.