Exam Q's

IBusy studying the CFA Handbooks. I have not attempted any sample exams as yet. Would like to what would be the best, getting the QBank (4000.q’s) from Schweser or doing the Sample exams offered by CFA. Also, is there any easy way to remember the formulaes of calc;s… any luck that they provide a formula sheet in the exam as i struggle with this especially quantitative methods?

The qbank is probably cheaper, but the CFAI sample exams will be more like the real exam. I would take at least one CFAI practice exam. They both can be good tools to help you learn the material and reinforce knowledge.

I would recommend taking several CFAI exams. I sat for the June 07 test and saw many questions on the actual test that were very similar to their practice exams. It also gets you ready for their two part questions. These can be a little tricky at first. Sometimes they use double negatives…this combined with thinking about COGS in a deflationary environment can start to bend your mind. Schweser’s exams are good too…but different from the real thing.

It appears that you are not too impressed with the Schweser prcatise exams…

talking to experience I would also recommend getting all CFA exams from the website…

did you guys start already with the online exams ?? thanks for any inputs.

Take at least one CFAI exam as soon as you can. THe types and formats of the questions are identical to the actual. Why even bother with Schweser?