Exam question and answer book separate?

Anyone know whether the question and answer book are separate for the actual exam? Flicking back and forth several pages doing past exams is quite frustrating and time consuming.

Nope, at the end of each question (i.e. after the subsections), there’s a space allocated for each sub question in which you have to answer. Just have a look at the CFAI mock, that’s the format you’ll get in the actual exam as well.

So we will be given a stapled booklet?

I have heard that there will be a few blank pages beyond the marked answer fields in case you need more space. Can anyone confirm this?

There’s a blank page after each question’s answer page that says “this page is intentionally left blank, marks made on this page are not graded”. So this is your “scrap paper”, not to be used for answering questions. The exam has plenty of space for the official answer fields.

Yep, you can’t remove any page from the answer booklet.

Agree with this. Practice writing in the answer booklet. The space should be enough assuming you have a normal-sized handwriting. I’ve done paper-marking for a local educational qualification and am often surprised by how big some adults’ handwriting tends to be, almost like that of a 1st grader. In the case of the L3 exam, you’ll lose valuable time and may run out of space.