Good day…are you planning on doing the CFA level one exam in order? i.e. Q1-Q120 per session on exam day?

OR…is it most advisable to do the easy ones first…so…do say derivatives (lol) first and leave the harder ones for last? (e.g. ethics?)

FIFO is IMHO the best strategy to follow!

i’m doing 1-120 Straight. Generally Fixed Income and DE along with PM. Are the last 3 topics i think. The first three are Ethics>QM>Eco>FRA>CF>Equity>FI>DE>PM… i think that’s the topic order correct me if i’m wrong


kool thanks…when i check back my mock exam asnwers…i make such stupid mistakes…thinking i need ot take my time…so much stupid mistakes…i hope the exam paper is more like kaplan than the CFA1 mock… :frowning:

same here man. Gonna take a full Mock in 3-4 hours. Just revising now. Honestly same here i feel like i know the answer without even finishing the question i bubble it. Need to slow down and pay attention to minor detail. Becareful CFAI says they don’t throw tricky question, but they make it a simple question but put a trick in it. LIke they will give you A , , C , D. Calculate E ?. But first gotta calculate B to get E

I take them in the order , but it depends how you scored in the mocks(on average I have 30 min or more left to recheck), if you don’t have much time left in the mocks then , on the exam , most probably you will be in the same situation - try to skip hard questions and do the easy ones then go back to the questions that are time consuming

I personally go in order since I feel like it gets easier and I need my maximum focus for the early ethics questions

If you get stuck in one, jump to the next one and flag it to the end. If you ALWAYS do this, you will have at least 15/25 min to review them

Good luck

Going in order skipping ones i cant do in 2-3 minutes