Exam registration - Frustrating

Is anyone else annoyed at CAIAs registration policy? I find it very frustrating that I need to part with the testing fee ($1000) before I can find out that there is no availability at the sole testing center in the country where I am trying to take the test. So now I’ve paid the registration fee, paid for the 3rd party exam prep materials, spent many hours reviewing the material only to come to the realisation that I am not going to take the test this year. For those who don’t know, the way the registration works is first you pay, then after some time the registration link becomes active, then you get a list of testing centers, you chose the center then you get to see the available dates. Of course the disclaimer says the association is not responsible for there being no availability at the testing centers. If people can’t take the exams then they will not be able to gain the traction they need.

Is it possible to register yet for the test center?

Hi ChickenTikka. CAIA’s website seems to suggest that it is possible to register for the test center. Have you managed/not managed to register?

Wow, I just logged in. I only had one day to choose from, September 16. I live in Mumbai.