Exam related questions

  1. Will we be given any scratch paper to do calculcations? 2) How do people usually find 3 hrs? Enough, more or short? 3) Any quirk to be watched regarding exam logistic/procedures/policies?

advice from a L3er in a nutshell. 1) No separate scratch paper, you will have enough space in the exam book to do your work. 2) Make sure you have a valid ID. 3) Leave your cellphone in your car. 4) Bring an extra calculator or batteries 5) Be there an hour early 6) Pack your own lunch and leave it in your car or the belongings area. 7) Make sure you can hear the announcements. If you are still writing after your exam time is up (EVEN 10 seconds…you will be written up and have a 99+% chance of having your exam voided. 8) Most people from what I remember have their books closed 5-15 minutes before the session is over. No rush…they will only let you leave the room if you finish the exam more than 30 minutes early.

thanks…that was a great advice…also can u please tell us how the cfai mock compares with the real exam…is the real exam tougher???

I don’t remember taking the mock when I took L1, but based on L2 I would say that the mock ans Schweser volume 1 are pretty indicative of what you will see. There were not too many questions on the exam that I was like, what the ** was that, so there were not too many surprises. One thing that surprised me a little was the quant questions were more qualitative then I expected, and I struggled with Econ quite a bit because there were always two part questions (YY/NY/NN/YN) format…not sure how they will do this with 3 choices.

all right…thanks a lot jasonms…such advices makes me a bit tension free…cant help bt seek such suggestions nw dat its time…