Exam Strategy with Ethics

Hey guys Just a question regarding completing ethics in the exam. As there is more to read for this part of the exam should we leave this section till the end? Anybody who’s taken the exam before, in what order did you finish the exam? Thank you

most people leave it to the end and then dont remember all the rules you need to know…i would read it now, quickly though dont get bogged down

No I mean in the actual exam. Should we complete ethics last and get all the other sections done first

Don’t think too much. If you’re spending time thinking about how you will efficiently jump around to different portions of the exam, you’re wasting time and risking answer-entry mistakes. You’re going to have to do ethics anyway, so get it done and keep everything straight on your answer sheet. And for what it’s worth, ethics at L1 is pretty straightforward. If you know your stuff pretty well, you should be able to get 14/18 or so and you should be able to do the questions in much less than 90 seconds per question (that’s the required pace for the test). It’s a good opportunity to pick up points while setting a good pace for the rest of the exam. frisian, CFA