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Good luck on Saturday or Sunday!

For me, the hardest part of L2 compared to L1 are the Q-sets instead of the single questions exam format. However, I understand based on the Kaplan Mocks, that most questions clearly refer to a specific paragraph or exhibit.

Is it optimal to read the entire Q-set at start, or would it be better to read the first few paragraphs, answer the first question, and then carry on with the reading?

Keen to hear your thoughts on the matter.

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If you haven’t done any mock exams I would advise doing so over the next couple of days to work out a strategy that suits you best; everybody will have different preferences. That being said, personally I have found the most success by reading the first one or two questions then going through the text until I’ve found the information that I need to answer them.

… Except for Ethics… I can’t seem to do well in these item sets unless I’ve fully read through the text as a first step haha. Good luck with your prep

I actually did all the mocks with the exception of the online one. Very disappointed of the fact we were given only 4 instead of 6.

Those of you who ask if it is better to read entire vignette and then do Qs, are you f***ng serious? OMG honestly it is the stupidest question. Do you want to spend your time reading twice? Or you want some information overload inside your head?

Read the question first, find the right paragraph, highlight the key words, look at exhibits given (in some questions you are required to use only data in tables and exhibits), and that’s it. Then you will have plenty of time to review your answers.

Sorry this is too much work…

Where do I submit my refund request?


I will second that.