Exam ticket is printing with crazy symbols

Anyone else having this problem, I tried to print the ticket 3 times and everytime it prints crazy symbols instead of the name and exam date test address

me to. I did a copy “with crtl and a” and paste this into an word document with crtl v. Now is it fine.

You have to change the browser. I was getting the same problem with Firefox but I switched over and tried with IE and it printed fine.

yep, its the browser. Only prints ok with IE, and CFA Inst. knows about it. A guy I know who sat for Lv 2 last year forget his ticket, but his office was close to the venue so he made a quick detour to print a new one. However he only had firefox available on his pc and it printed with symbols. So he showed up with the ticket, and all the proctors did was make a call State-side to verify he was registered for the exam and he started the exam 15 mins late. They said its a known issue.