Exam ticket passport number wrong!!...

I checked my CFA exam ticket earlier this morning and for some reason my passport number was wrong, it makes me sick thinking what would have happened if I had only checked this before the exam day - I think it would have been a case of doing the exam next year! For anyone who hasn’t checked their tickets DO IT NOW!!!

Does anyone know how long CFAI take to update personal details using that pdf??

They updated information for me within 10 days (8 business days) back in February. I read a warning somewhere that you should allow up to three weeks in some situations for a change.

CFAI official statement is if you’re under 3 weeks until the exam, they won’t guarantee they can update your exam ticket in time

Last week, I realized that the expiration date on my passport was incorrect. I immediately submitted the paperwork to CFAI and they responded within 3 business days which I found to be a quick turnaround, although admittedly the deadline was still a few days away at the time of my submission.

I would send the forms into the CFAI ASAP and hope they can make the change in time. Good luck.

my passport expiry was also incorrect on the ticket. They had 26th August 2015 instead of 26th November 2018. I waited a week for them to reply and they said it was changed. I went to look at it and they had changed it to 26th August 2018. I emailed them again saying they didn’t change it properly and it still took them a few days to change it to the actual expiry date.


Tigamilla, did they ever update your exam ticket witht he correct passport #? I noticed on April 16 that my exam ticket had an incorrect expiration date and immediately submitted the forms to change the information. I really don’t think that I entered it in incorrectly when I was signing up for the exam, but I have no idea how else the error was made since the exam tickets are populated with the forms to sign up for the exam. I spoke to a manager there and she informed me that they have thousands of corrections to make, which makes me wonder if this was a fluke on their part. They really need to relax their identification policy, for their own good. I can understand requiring a passport, but requiring a ton of different information like the passport expiration # and the passport # is ridiculous! I still have not heard anything else about getting my ticket corrected.

they should just invest in fingerprint ID and retinal scanners

I submitted my change request on Wednesday and the completed the change this morning of Friday the same week so do not dispair if you need a change made but do look immediately if you have not yet.