exam ticket

I knew i should have checked my exam ticket sooner

exam ticket my first name is : Charlie

passport: charles

does this constitute as not matching?

Man that doesn’t look good…

I had a friend who got to the exam and his ticket did not have that he was the third on it, and his passport did and they did not let him take it. I would call CFAI ASAP.

ughh :frowning:

Pick up the phone and call them first thing tomorrow, son. People will be gone by Wednesday 3PM US time, so there’s still some hope. Please update this thread once you find out more. Good luck.

change it asap.

Hey , You need to immediately contact with CFA institute for the correction.

you’ll have to fill up a form and send it to an email. the details are on CFAI website.

I did it 3-4 weeks ago,

it literally took about a day for them to make the change… not too late but I wouldn’t wait now.

Send them scanned copy of your passport’s biographic page as well.

will call first thing tomorrow. I will update this thread so hopefully people will learn from my dumb mistake, not sure how well im gonna sleep tonight

called and form submitted. Now i guess I just have to wait it out. Is there anything else I can do? Customer service said if I dont receieve it by test day I can ask for a final judgement or something like that. Anyone heard of that?

I think I sent it on Wednesday and I got a reply from them on Thursday. (within a day)

If there are not many requests, I think you’ll get it done by tomorrow end.

keep us posted on the status!!

That’s why i posted on the other thread that make sure everyone checkst their exam ticket matches their passport… SUPER IMPORTANT!!

they updated already!

wow thats a load off.

thank you CFA institute!!!

hopefully someone will learn from my mistake and never delay checking their exam ticket again!

i have something to be very thankful for on thursday now :slight_smile:

I am very happy for you! :slight_smile:

Best of luck next week~