Exam tutorial - side by side screen

Hi all,

Does anyone know how to make case scenario side by side with the question?
Ctrl + does not work in my computer… worried if case box blocks the question at test center :frowning:

Supposedly, in the actual exam, the screens will auto split.

For the exam software tutorial, jump to other questions, hit refresh key (F5).

Usually zooming out does the work for me.

I’ve done it yesterday. The screen is splitted - the left side with a question (selection doesn’t work!!!), the right with a question’s part
The software works well


I think they meant you can’t highlight case scenario

Are you able to see the time left and ‘minutes’ per question needed?

Sorry for misleading, yep I meant highlighting

You can see only remaining time and there’s now wristwatches allowed. So you have to count your time by the timer in the program. Moreover, there’s no minutes assigned to each question part like in mocks or previous exams - you don’t know the cost of the particular question, only for a set

Oh wow, thanks. Was that not incredibly difficult? Im used to measure the time - minutes to spend per question- and move on once time is up… this will be an interesting experience :grimacing:!!

IMHO the exam looks like previous ones and well written.
The most difficult and important thing is timing, especially in this circumstances

What is meant by ‘taking a break at your own pace’ I mean are you allowed to go out of the room during the exam, open your locker and come back again? Would be weird though, as you could possibly change your answers upon return!

Just wrote Level 3. My exam wasn’t split screen and I had to minimize and open vignette over and over. Many many times. I