Exam Venue...Time on display?

Hi Guys, Any of you know whether the exam hall will have exam time on display, reason is i sadly don’t own a watch, and mostly rely on my mobile for time keeping. This is obviously not allowed in the exam. Thanks

Get a watch. We had a flip chart and pages were flipped showing how much passed/remaining each 30 minutes. The last 30 minutes are announced by voice. You should have seen the panic among the candidates and the noise made by candidates starting to flip the pages in the workbook when the last 30 minutes were announced. Not funny.

aah, just had butterflies… Thanks, will look at some watches.

Reineir Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > aah, just had butterflies… Thanks, will look at > some watches. Time is not a huge issue if you know what you are doing and English is your first language. Personally I was done before the 30 min mark, and so were many other candidates. That being said, a watch is a good idea to have so you don’t get confused with looking around at other candidates papers.

I think you can get a functioning watch free with a happy meal these days. I would just grab one from pretty much anywhere and not think another moment about it. Thanks for this thread though… I had just assumed there would be a clock on the wall and wasn’t going to wear my watch just cause I didn’t know what the poilcy was and was figuring who needs it anway.

Thanks for this thread. There are too many questions in the Stalla samples that take 5-10 (or more!) minutes. I am really worried about time!

great thread. im gonna have to get a battery for my non-functioning watch