Exam will probably be cancelled in my country

The main opposition party has called a strike in Bangladesh on the exam day. As a result the exam might just be canceled here in Bangladesh. Anyone knows of any examples where exam has been postponed by a day or even brought forward? really do not want to wait one more year to give the test.

That’s not going to happen – I don’t think CFAI will ever postpone You could change your test center however – 3-4 years ago the exam was almost called off in India, however, they gave an option to change test centers. I managed to change mine to Abu Dhabi three days before the actual exam. Consider whether you could do something similar

Did not know that Bangladesh has test center. I am actually originally from Dhaka as well but sitting in NY test center. Really glad to see someone from Bangladesh in the forum. Are there lots of candidate sitting for the exam??? Hope things are going to square out. It’s a lot of hardwork for this test prep… good luck to you bro!

@Steven: I agree. Chances of exam being postponed is almost zero. By tomorrow CFAI will let us know whats gonna happen. The candidates here are willing to do anything to give the exam. Even if it means giving the exam in the middle of the night. If I can, I am willing to fly anywhr to give the exam provided that I can get a visa in time. @Thisisit_2011: Good to know that. I think we have around 200 candidates across all 3 levels this year. Good luck to both of you.

Impressive… around 200 candidates! I was totally out of the loop then. Isn’t for religious observance, institute pick another day? Hope they will do something like that. I am sure it’s not possible for everyone to get visa in last minute and make arrangement and go though all the hassle… I am positive they will come up with a resonable solution…

Usually they allow 3 options 1. Refund 2. Allow candidates to sit for exam next time 3. Allow candidates to fly to another country In Pakistan once it snowed a lot and candidates were told that they can give exam if they could go to exam center. If not they were allowed to choose any of these 3 options.

If you choose to fly to Beijing, China, I am glad to help you locate the test centre. good luck.

Thanks Jin. But I dont think I can get a visa to china so easily. I heard that it is possible to get on the spot visa at singapore. That might be a viable option for me.

Have you call CFAI? I think now is good time to call right now coz they are in the morning.

Yes we contacted CFAI. They just put this up in their website Bangladesh update: 1 June 2011 We are closely monitoring the reports of a planned strike in Dhaka, Bangladesh scheduled for 5 June 2011. At this time we plan to hold the CFA exam in Dhaka on 5 June as scheduled. We encourage all candidates to plan their travel on exam day carefully. We will continue to evaluate the situation, and if necessary we will communicate any updates to affected candidates via e-mail, and post updates to this page. If you prefer to travel to another test center for the 5 June 2011 exam, please contact us at +1 (434) 951-5499 or info@cfainstitute.org to request a test center change.

Are you going to travel somewhere else? Safety should be greater priority than CFA exam.

Dont think I will travel anywhere else if exam happens in Bangladesh. Anyways, I will email CFA to change their curriculum a bit and mention that Demand for life insurance goes up when there is political instability in the country. Even though probability of death may cover that, it deserves special mention.