I am assuming that we have to complete 90 questions in 3 hours. Is it correct? Did anybody who took exam last time feel time is not enough to complete exam? I will skip question if it takes more time to complete and will answer others and come back to answer tricky questions or which takes more time. Wondering if it causes any problem mapping question to answer since sequence is not followed. Appreciate any tips for the exam to use time effectively. I hope I don’t need to take rest room break since 3 hours is too long. I will take less water;-)

There will be 120 questions for each 3 hour session.

  1. you are missing about 30 questions in each session with your count of 90 questions. So pray find time for the missing 30 questions on each 3 hour session. You need to answer at the rate of 1.5 mins per question.

dude its 120 qs in 3 hours, what have you been solvin all this time?

I knew that it is 1.5 minutes for a question. I have miscalculated thinking that sample test is for 2 hours with 60 questions… thanks for replies

How are people couping with the time pressure? I find the latter part of the paper takes a lot less time than the first half. At 1.5Hours I am on Q52-55 not quite 60 but manage to catch up. What are everyone elses thoughts on the time contstraint?

CFAI tests are reasonable… rushed through some of them and got them right… double guessed myself at the last minute and get most of those wrong…

Schweser, it was tight - CFAI I did in 55mins and 1hr 10. I don’t think time will be too much of an issue.

i find i am much slower on ethics and econ because i don’t want to EFF up something because I read it too fast. Second half with bonds and derivs is easier for me than first half with econ ethics and FSA…so i don’t stress with 60 to go and an hour fifteen to get there.

Personally I found the CFAI sample exams to be not so hard on the time pressure factor… I finished 2 exams with around 10 mins or so to spare… Schweser - a different ball game… in the first half I lose speed esp in FSA…used to worry about it…then realised I kinda made up for it and speeded up (without losing points) in PM and Asset Val… so as long as the sections balance out each other in terms of time consumption… it should be fine… I guess.