As I have given twice first time I got band 6 and second time i got band 10. Can you let me know what how to tackle with question expecially i got less than 50 in alt, quant. Require suggestions for preparations.

Is there a hardware store available in your area?

^ Hacksaws at a hardware store won’t be sufficiently rusty.

^Nothing that can’t be fixed with time, water, and exposure to air.

In terms of preparations, you can look to the Claritas program. Once you get that certificate, then you can go about preparations for the hacksaw ritual.

@Shekhar 1310, you are in band 10 with <50 in ONLY 2 also means that the ones in which you had 50-70 were almost around 50 only i.e. in lower 50s, otherwise with <50 in these two you would have passed (there are plenty of results in AF to prove it!). You are in band 10 simply because your total score is near to MPS because of good scores in 1 or 2 topics with high weightage, not because you did well in all others than these two. So your preparation strategy should be simple – prepare as you would have done as a first timer, start early, do lot of practice papers, attempt all the ECs etc. The only advantage you have than a first timer is that you already know the contents and have familiarity with examination patterns and you have a CFAI ID, nothing else.

By the way, you have not mentioned the exam level but it seems to be Level 1 and if it is so Greenie’s and other suggestion above may be worthwhile to consider.

you seem to be on the verge of breaking it…

but must stop and think - Where does **charter** take you after relentless journey of 9 years (extrapolating and assuming you are doing level 1 at present).

try hard,