Examination Conditions


Which of the following writers may I use in the exam? Pencil, mechanical pencil or biro?

Does the exam book contain concept paper (paper used to perform side calculations) ?

What happens if I am not on time at the reporting one hour before the exam?

Is it allowed to go for a beer after the exam with other candidates from the same exam?

Thanks Consuli

What to bring: http://www.cfainstitute.org/about/governance/policies/Pages/personal_belongings_policy.aspx

You’ll have extra pages in the exam book to use as scratch paper

If you’re late, you might have to wait before starting the exam. Given time constraints, that’s not a good thing

Drinking with others who took the exam is not only allowed, it’s recommended.

Can you wear a watch to the exam



Here in Zurich, where the finance industry is still alive, we had a generous sponsor and two big bars serving drinks at the exit of the exam hall. That was great. I still remember the taste of the first sip of beer. Worth each and every of the 300+ hrs spent.