Excel 2007

Has your company made the switch, or are you still using '03? Any plans to switch in the future? As for me, I’m still at university, and UF changed over to '07 last fall.

mine still uses 03 and i dont think there are any plans to switch anytime soon

Still using 03. I have 07 on my computer at home. I didn’t like it at first but now the layout and navigation seems much more intuitive.

would you mind posting where you work? of course you can just say, “ER division of a BB in New York,” or “M&A in a Big 4 in Orlando” or whatever

I think 2007 sucks. There is major bug that screws up certain calculations. Moreover, if your a power user, it’s much more difficult to navigate without using the mouse. Even if my firm upgrades, I’m downgrading my terminal back to 03.

treasury department of a bank in toronto

My co-worker just told me this afternoon she’s going to be a g-pig for testing it out, with plans to load it up to the network this fall. This kind of pains me because my PC will have 2003 on it, but the network will be 2007. Because I hate our network I do most of my work on my PC outside of the network but fear I will have problems if I access and save a spreadsheet on the network then go to use it on my PC which will continue to be 2003. Plus I saw someone say it’s difficult to use 2007 mouse free, which I’m pretty much a mouse free user. That will really burn my @ss if it’s true. It took me a long time to train myself to be mouse free in that application. Edit I work in Treasury as well in the banking industry and probably spend 75% of my day in Excel.

nah, 2007 isn’t difficult at all to use mouse free, but you’ll have to get used to some added letters in the shortcuts… for example, in 2003 format cells shortcut is: alt-o-e in 2007 it’s: alt-h-o-e not a big difference, and if you spend 75% of your day in excel, you’ll be good in a day or two this was a big help when I first learned 07: http://www.keyxl.com/aaa33ef/136/Microsoft-Excel-Software-keyboard-shortcuts.htm

I always used Ctrl+1 for format cells. Plus you can install the file converters pack and use 2007 formats in 2003. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=941B3470-3AE9-4AEE-8F43-C6BB74CD1466&displaylang=en

I use Excel 2007 and really hate it. It seems much less modifiable than Excel 2003, where you could rearrange the menus to suit your needs. Plus Excel 2007 and Powerpoint 2007 don’t work together really well. Also 2007 is noticeably slower than previous versions. My advice is to stick with 2003 for as long as possible.

Still have Windows 95.

Still use Excel 2000.

alt-h-o-e exciting!