Excel Centre in London... what the hell??!??

Guys, does anyone know about this? http://www.senishow.com/

An expo at Excel on the same day as our test!? This hasn’t happened before!? Noise? Crowds? Any thoughts?

youll be doing the exam during a Gareth Emery set

not funny!

There was a food festival there for my level 1. Should be okay as it’ll be in a completely different part of it. Watch out for the tubes, if you’re getting there in the morning, though. Being the Queens Jubilee weekend and all…

ok that’s good to know. suppose if we want to let off some steam afterwards, we can pop next door for a bit of cage fighting. hell, why wait!?

True. Although, I’m going to make a bee line for the pub on the way to the station!

On a side note, is there easy access to food around the excel center? This will be my first time there

yeah burger & chips is the favourite (with long queues) but there are penty of options inside. There is also a pub right round the corner.

With 10,000 candidates around and so more people attenting the expo, i would expect the queue to be quite long…

Yep. It’s always pretty tough to even get a coffee there.

Thanks, not to kick this back up, but do they also post the time so it’s easily available? I just realized that I don’t own a watch…

better off to bring a lunch. you’ll be standing in a queue so long you wont have time to eat and relax before being marched back in for the PM. Also the mens toilets are slammed. Too many dudes. So you need some time to stand in line for that.