Excel Challenge

Need to finish something up so I can get to Studying. However, I have run into a seemingly obvious excel question with no easy apparent solution. I have text in cells that need to be consolidated into a wrapped text form. However, I can’t merge cells without losing the text in the cells below the first cell. Is there anyway to merge the cells while maintaining the text in lower adjacent cells? (I know I can copy paste but given the number of lines of text this is not a very practicle solution)/ As an Example if I had this CFA Senentence: Creditors have a priority claim on the assets of a business in the event of bankruptcy. This means that if bankruptcy occurs, the assets of the firm will go to creditors and equity holders will receive what is left over. Equity holders are not entitled to receive anything unless creditors are paid in full. The entire first line is in a cell. The entire second line is in a cell just below it. The third line is in a cell. A program I am using for work spits out sales report in this not very user friendly format. So how can I merge these three cells with text in order and in tact?

the concatenate function?

Hi LordJeffrey, & function will be useful too. =A1&A2&A3

use the concatenate function

using &s will be easiest.

Thanks everyone. The & function seems to be the best option for my purposes and I appreciate all of the suggestions. Good luck studying to all.