excel help

I’ve got 1 column with a list of numbers. I want to count the number of times there are 3 or more of the same number in the column. Would anybody know how? thanks

Don’t know about excel. But if you import that spreadsheet into Access as a table, then you could run a query on it, group by the number, and do the count function the same field.

may be cumbersome, but: - Assume your list starts in A1 - Sort list ascending - in B2, enter =IF(A2=A1,(B1+1),0) - in C2, enter =IF(B2>2,B2,"") - Fill down (no absolute references) - Then just find all the non-blanks in column C - voila.

depending on what you need to do with this, the conditional format works well too. You just enter =countif({the range you are looking in},"="&A1)>=3 and set it to highlight the cell red. Paste the formatting down and it will highlight all the 3 or more values, regardless of order.


pivot table could help

thanks everybody