Excel HELP!

I have numbers in a column, how can I enter an equal sign in front of the number for the whole column w/o doing it manually? I tried a macro and using ="="&A1 but then is shows =123 instead of 123. Ie - A1 123 234 324 234 should be =123 (but just showing 123 and not the “=” sign) =234 Thanks for your help!!!

maybe this? “’=123”

that is what i want to get in each cell but I need a formula or other way to do this for about 40 sheets w/o typing it manually as u suggest… Thanks tho.

depends on what you need the = sign for. You could do it on another cell with =CONCATENATE("=", B4) as a formula, but this too does show the = in front on each cell.

heres what worked for me (long) 1. format cells to text 2. =" "&N41 (add space) 3. copy past value and format only 4. find and replace " " for “=” 5. reformat to number done “=” doesn’t show my way


what is the difference between 123 and =123 ?