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I have two different datasets for the same time period. but one is quarterly, one is monthly. Is there a way to show both on the same chart? Am I asking too much here?

make two axis, one by quarter another by month plot it, am i missing a trick

^You got it.

i’ll try! thanks

I’m assuming your dates are on the X axis and I don’t know if you can have multiple X axes. The best thing to do might be to skip two lines after each quarterly datapoint and match that up to your monthly data and then chart it.

If the data sets are performance related, you could index each time series and then build the performance chart. eg. A;B;C Dec 08;100;100 Jan 09;=b1*(1+monthly perf); Feb 09;=b2*(1+monthly perf); Mar 09;=b3*(1+monthly perf);=c1*(1+quarterly perf) Apr 09;=b4*(1+monthly perf); May 09;=b5*(1+monthly perf); Jun 09;=b6*(1+monthly perf);=c4*(1+quarterly perf) Jul 09;=b7*(1+monthly perf); Aug 09;=b8*(1+monthly perf); Sep 09;=b9*(1+monthly perf);c7*(1+quarterly perf)