Excel Question re: Time

Let’s say in cell A5 I want to enter the time when cell A4 has something in it. The problem is, if(isblank(A4),"",now()), will automatically recalulate the time everytime I press enter or F9. Is there a way to create a static time? Or do I have to automate a copy-paste special - value command and have it automatically run it when a time is entered?

No one? I was really hoping an easy answer existed for this. I’ll just program it in VBA I guess.

Not sure what you’re asking for… you don’t want the current time, so what time do you want the cell to show?

I want the current time when the data is entered. I want this time to remain and not change.

This should work: Right-click the tab > View Code Then paste this in: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Intersect(Target, Range(“A4”)) Is Nothing Then Else: Range(“A5”).Value = Time End If End Sub -------------- Edit: You can replace the word “Time” with either “Now” or “Date” depending on how you want the date/time to read.

Thanks for that, but I took a different route. I just created a function and called it copypastevalue. This automatically copies and does paste-special/values. So now i just put in =copypastevalue(now()) and it does what i need. I just threw that into an if/then statement and we’re done. Thanks though, I appreciate it. I just hope I didn’t waste my time and I get to use the code for something else in the future.