Excel Question Sorting Data

I have one sheet of several titled columns each with a lsit of data and another sheet of firms that are listed in descending order. The firms sheet gives the firm name, city, state, AUM, etc… and then there is the last column that gives a score from 0-100. What I want to do is, on a seperate sheet, in one column for the titled columns sheet is to be able to access one of the columns in the titled sheet at one time. For example I have title 902, 954, 997 and under these titles are lists of data. I want to be able to just select from a drop down box one of these titles and have the list pop up. In a second column I want to get the firms with scores of 100 (or whatever I pick) to be in a drop down box and then the list pop up when selected. How would I go about doing this? Thanks.

Autofilter is probably the easiest way.

Not sure if i’m 100% following what you’re trying to do… but Pivot tables are a great thing… I’d try that route first

Got it. Its not a simple autosort type deal. I am trying to compare two columns. However, I am not trying to compare two “fixed” columns but rather multiple columns of data. What I was trying to do was have column one populate with a desired list and column two populate with a desired list and then compare the two. I did it using data validation, Hlookups and a bunch of If formulas. I’m sure there is a better way to this via some crazy pivot table+data sorting tool, but this worked. It was like a brain teaser.