Excel Question

I have a spreadsheet with multiple tabs and would like to clean it up a bit by combining all tabs relating to particular quarter into one tab. So rather than 3 tabs relating to Q1, I have a tab called Q1 which when opened with show all three tabs?

is copy-paste not working?

If I read the original question aright, you’re wanting tabs with sub-tabs, yes?

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Yes, that’s what I’m looking for. Starting to think this does not exist.

go to tab 1,cntrl+pg down,cntrl+a,cntrl+c,cntrl +page up,click on the empty cell in tab 1 where u want ur data to appear,cntrl+v…repeat for tab 3 and so on…

I think this can easily be done either with formulas or a macro depending on how static/dynamic your sheet is. If you want to send me your sheet (Feel free to change data, account names etc…) I can help you out.

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You might be able under certain conditions to run a Pivot Table aross multiple sheets: http://www.contextures.on.ca/xlPivot08.html#Limitations Best, Oscar