excel question

Hi everyone and thanks in advanced :slight_smile: Is there a way to adjust the frequency a spreadsheet calculated cells? I have a couple very large sheets with tons on vlookups, etc. I use these all day and its really annoying when I all of the sudden I have to wait 45 seconds for it to re-process all of the calculated fields. Is there a way to have it only calculate/process only when I say so? thanks!

  1. Click Tools and select Options. 2. Select the Calculation tab. 3. Under Calculation, select the radio button next to Manual 4. Click OK. To perform the calculation manually, simply press the F9 key.

to add to dlpicket’s answer: this normally changes the calculation to manual for all of your open workbooks. If you want to get around that and have some workbooks calc automatically you need to open a second instance of excel. For your problem I would suggest this: Open the large workbooks that you use all day and follow the instructions above. Then, open a new instance of excel by going to start->programs->excel. Then inside excel use file->open to open your other workbooks and have them set to autocalc using the same instructions as above. Now only the large “reference” workbooks are set to manual calculation. the big drawback here is that you can’t use ctrl-tab to switch between all of the open workbooks.

thanks everyone!!