Excel question

I have an Excel 2002 workbook with 5 worksheets. Each worksheet has 6 or so columns of data, each row is a different entry listing obligor information populating the 6 columns. Each worksheet has approximately 65K rows (excel limit). I need to run a pivot table report collating all of the common attributes of the entries into one summation that can be easily drilled into, or further rolled up. However, given the 65k row limitation I can only create a pivot table per sheet, equating to 5 tables. I could attempt to cell reference the pivot tables and join them, but if the final non-pivot table is not variable it will not be manipulated with the other 5 tables. I tried using Excel’s multiple-source PT, but it doesn’t pull the columns in a way that will work. I can use access, however, the other 4 users who would be using the data *CAN* use privots but don’t know jack about Access. I have no other data management tool, nor access to Excel 2007 (IT wankers).

just close your eyes and say, this too shall pass.

Nevermind. I just used “get external data” in the wizard, imported the data from Access and it worked. Not as fast or elegant, but usable.