excel question

I have created a drop-down (not filter) option in an excel cell. The arrow that appears to the direct right (indicating it is a dropdown) appears only when the cell is selected. Is there a way to make this arrow shown even when the cell is not selected? thanks

I don’t know the answer to this question but I am hoping someone can follow up with the answer to both of our questions. Mine deals with dropping stuff [in this case mutual fund NAVs] from Bloomberg into Excel. I want to make a 6-week chart [yeah I know I know it’s short term but it’s for an advisor] comparing my funds during the “crash” against the funds of another well known Toronto Investment Manager. Joey? Would you know how to export stuff into excel off of bloomberg? Willy

Willy - Bloomberg API can do that. Go to excel on ur bloomberg machine, use the bloomberg drop down, choose history wizzard. Follow the steps. Plug in the security, choose last price (or whatever metric you want), chose your timeframe and voila. No need to progam a sheet manually for something like that.

^ Yep. It sucks as ancient DDE.

CFAdetroit - U need to know Macros for that.

Hmm… Can you even do that in VBA?..It would be easy to do in a DLL called from VBA.

You could place a combo box over the cell in question and just reference the value in the combo box?