Excel question

I’m looking at some numbers from Jan-Dec with Jan number in cell A1, Feb in B1, Mar in C1 and so forth. Is there a way to change the order so that I have Dec in A1, Nov in B1, Oct in C1 and so on? Thanks.

Sounds like “Data>Sort>Options…>Orientation>Left to Right” is your steez…

copy and then paste special ‘transpose’

yes. Data -> sort -> options -> sort left to right

That only works if I want to sort it in either ascending or descending order e.g. if I have 1 in A1, 2 in B1, and 3 in C1, it reorders the numbers from left to right as 3 in A1, 2 in B1 and 1 in C1 but if I have numbers in a random order e.g. 3 in A1, 1 in B1 and 2 in C1, instead of getting 2, 1, 3 I’m either getting 1,2,3 (ascending) or 3, 2, 1 (descending). Also, transpose doesn’t work because it reorders them from top to bottom

You could transpose twice which should do the trick I guess

transposing it the second time reorders it back to how it was originally.

Insert a row above your months, number the columns in reverse order, then use the sort feature the others mentioned sorting on the new “column headings”.

put #s 1 - 12 in corresponding columns the row below/above your months, select this row, sort–>options–>left to right–>descending.

that worked. Thanks.