Excel Question

Let’s say I have this formula in cell A1: =C4+5 Let’s say I need to copy/paste A1 5,000 times down the column. Is there a way to make C4 skip numbers? So for example, in cell A2, I need it to say =C8+5 and not =C5+5.

is there something in c5, 6, 7 that is unique enough to allow you to make an if statement to code around it?

No, the numbers aren’t unique enough to do an if/then statement. They’re all log returns of specific quarters. Also, the example isn’t actually what I’m doing. I just basically need to copy/paste formulas but I need it to jump by more or less than what it automatically does. I know I can use VB code, I was just wondering if there’s an easier way to do it.

Does the info in column C have to stay there or can you parse and re-reference the selected data you want?

I don’t see why I wouldn’t be able to parse it. I’ll have to do this for more than one column though. It’s not just columns A and C

use the INDIRECT() function

yep indirect works in this particular case A1 =INDIRECT(“c”&(ROW()*4),TRUE)+5