Excel Stop Calculation Button

Is there such a thing? ie. If you push the wrong button or command and you want it to stop calculating (before it finishes - like that stop button on a webpage) because it is freezing up your sheet, or you typed the wrong thing and don’t want to ruin the sheet if it calculates… I think I just ruined a sheet =(

can’t you just click the undo button after it calculates? You can always turn off automatic calcs by going to tools > options > calculations, and then hit the manual button. Hitting F9 will calc your sheet manually if it’s in this mode…

doesn’t really answer your question directly but… In VBA editor you can create ‘break points’ within your formula (code) to watch it calculate step by step…that could help identify where and why it is freezing… …i know some people who have forgotten to ‘stop recording’ a macro, and hence their spreadsheet grows bigger and bigger everyday, causing it to freeze!

I hit Esc repeatedly! works most times without any serious damage!

i hit esc too - or just dont save it…

Oh ok Esc - I will try that next time. I can’t hit undo because the command I pushed usually wrecks the model or template. It is a command that is making it calculate an impossible calculation and ruins the sheet or locks up my computer. I could run through the sheet with auto-calc off and hit F9, but usually don’t make this mistake too often except if I start to get tired or something. Thanks guys-

How about ctrl + pause