Excel/VBA problem

So I’m trying to use a basic SUMIF function between two charts in excel. I’d like the function to sum all rows that has the year 2018 in the date column. When I write the SUMIF function with criteria “*2018*”, the function returns no value, but if I insert a specific date from the chart, f.ex “4.12.2018”, the function returns the appropriate value. I can’t for the life of me figure what I’m doing wrong.

Send me excel sheet

Not sure what you mean criteria *2018*, did you try year() function?

Depends on what format the source data is in. If it’s a year, then “2018” would work as the search criteria. If the time data is in “MMDDYYYY” format, then you’ll need to create a separate column that converts that format to a simple 4 digit year using the YEAR function. This column will then be the criteria column for your SUMIF.

“2018” = exact match

“*2018*”= contains 2018

I was able to go around the issue with a SUMIFS, so that the function sums the values if dates are between Jan 1st and Dec 31st of 20XX.

When using the “*2018*” rule, does it have to read 2018? Or, can it be 8201 for example?

I believe it has to read 2018, but I’m not 100% sure.

Just use the “YEAR(date)” function within SUMIF.

Let excel work for you rather than you working for excel :slight_smile:


You can also try formula SUMPRODUCT - very powerful one. But keep in mind, that it might make your file heavy if you apply it to a big number of cells/columns.