Excel/VBA question

Hi guys! I hope you are fine! I have been much around the forum as I am very busy at work at the moment! However, I have got a quick question: I have a column with dates which span one month. How can I filter this column to only show dates of the last week!? Is there a possible formula!?

use an if statement with day (), somethin like =if(day(a1)=5,a1,"") this will only show the dates for the last week and then leave the rest blank, then you can sort/fliter out the non blanks and you will be left with only the last week of data.

=IF(DAY(A1)/7>3,“last”,"") filter the ones with ‘last’

if you guys are using filters, why not just make a custom filter that uses the formula =A1>(today()-7) -edit whoops, never mind… you can’t use formulas in autofilter. that was a formula more suited for conditional formatting.